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Beryl Archer

Beryl Archer

When someone suggested to Beryl Archer that she join the real estate industry, she saw it as an
opportunity to show people what she loves about the area she lives in.
Born and bred in the Marlborough Sounds, Beryl was working in mussel farming, spending much
of her time travelling the area, when she was asked if she would like to join the industry.
In 1986, Beryl began her career in real estate, selling property in the Marlborough Sounds, where
her family has lived since the 1880’s.
A fourth generation Archer from Tuna Bay in the Pelorus Sound, Beryl has a passion for the
area, and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of it.
She is a keen gardener, is very much involved with the Sounds community, and it still involved in
the mussel industry.

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