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Platinum Blue Property Management prides itself on offering a large selection of well-presented properties to rent. We also pride ourselves on the unsurpassed service we offer to our tenants. We place as much emphasis on ensuring our tenants are offered a professional, expert service as we do to our landlords.


As a tenant you can expect:

  • A welcome pack on entering your rental, providing you with all the information you require.
  • Explicit details of processes and expectations for inspection, rental payments, and leasing and vacating a rental property.
  • Respect and courtesy. Tenants will be provided with the required notice for inspections and when vacating a property. No one is shown through the property unescorted.
  • Maintenance requests available.
  • Maintenance carried out promptly by qualified, trusted tradespeople.

Fixed Term Tenancies

For fixed term tenancies your Property Manager from Platinum Blue Property Management will contact you approximately 2 months before the end of the end of your tenancy to find out your plans. If you know your plans you are welcome to contact us as well.

Should you wish to end your fixed term tenancy early please contact your property manager to discuss. Please note the landlord is under no obligation to release you from the fixed term tenancy.


Periodic Tenancies

With periodic tenancies there is no set end date. You are able to give 21 days notice to vacate at any time. The owner can give you notice to vacate, either 90 days if there is no specific reason or 42 days if they (or a family member) wish to move into the property or if they receive an unconditional offer of sale.

To give notice on your periodic tenancy please email your property manager at propertymanagement.nelson@harcourts.co.nz for the next steps.


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